Building Strong English Language Foundation

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Our Program

We Offer An Exclusive Program For Kids

Pre-K (2-4 years)

Get your pre-schooler ready for the world of phonics and communication


Its time for them to make phonics a way of their life. We help you enhance reading skills from the very fundamental stage.


Before entering primary education, having a good grasp of communication may help you in many ways. Build it right in the first place!

Grammar Level 2

We help you put the stepping stone into the world of Grammar. Make your foundation strong with perfect English communication from early years!

Grammar Level 2

In your primary education, fluent communication is a must! Our structured program help build a good vocabulary & confident conversations

Phonics crash course

No time for longer duration course? Join our phonics crash course to get your basics strong within a month..

Building Strong English Language Foundation

- Mark Twain.
Why Choose Us

We give your child better values

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Concept Learning

We help kids understand the basics through clear concepts and explanatory videos

Rigorous Practice

We help kids practice worksheets every day

Assessments and certifications

Regular assessment to measure the growth path for kids and work backwards

Interactive Learning

Our live sessions ensure individual participation

Growth with play forth


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